Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Green Parenting Message Board

When I was first considering cloth diapering my baby, I stumbled onto the
Green Parenting board on the What to Expect website. I was already a member of the "Expecting in September" board on this site.

The Green Parenting board has become my go-to site. I am on there every day asking questions and reading other people's answers. Almost all the people on this message board are moms who cloth diaper their babies or women who are looking for info to start cloth diapering.

The tips, techniques, advice and help with brand choices on this message board are invaluable. There is also advice to help all parents live a greener life and tips on how to make the transition as easy as possible.

Anyone considering cloth diapering should definitely check it out. And if you already cloth diaper you should join and advise other women like me on the best ways to succeed in cloth diapering.

I believe that if everyone knew how easy and fun cloth diapering could be, all parents would want to do it.

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