Thursday, June 17, 2010

Glucose Test Today

I am headed to the hospital for a glucose test to see if I have Gestational Diabetes. I have very little idea on what the test entails. I do know that every pregnant woman must get check for it during their pregnancy. I always thought it would be earlier though. I am over 6 and 1/2 months pregnant now. If I had diabetes, wouldn't it be better if I knew right away? But maybe it doesn't show up until six months or so.

I am under the impression that it is going to take a long time to do the test. Just waiting for the test will probably take an hour or so. I live in Quebec, Canada and unless you are dying you wait a minimum of one hour to see a doctor (even if you have an appointment).

I heard and/or read that you have to drink really sweet juice and then you sit there and they check your insulin levels regularly for a specific period of time (maybe one or two hours). It's to determine how your insulin levels react to the sugar, I think.

I had my regular doctor's appointment yesterday and he gave me a paper to take to the hospital for the glucose test & a blood test. But he didn't tell me ANYTHING about the actual test. So frustrating. I was in & out of his office in 8 minutes.

The sugar levels were high in my urine yesterday too, so I'm a little worried. He asked if the sample I brought was after fasting. I told him that is was the first urine of the day. Until just now I assumed that the levels were high because I was fasting but that doesn't really make sense. They would be higher after eating, right?

Oh great, so if the sugar levels were higher after not eating then maybe my insulin is not regulating itself. I'm glad I'm getting this checked today. I really wish my OB would have explained any of this to me...

Anyway, I will go to the hospital armed with a book and maybe my laptop to finally have this test. I really hope I don't have diabetes, I do not want to have to give up sugar or take needles everyday. I don't even know how gestational diabetes would effect my baby.
Hopefully, I won't have to find out...

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