Saturday, June 19, 2010

A Cloth Diaper Addict Is Born.

I am going to cloth diaper my baby when he arrives in September. I have been scouring the internet for the last few months. I have been reading and asking questions on message boards, reading everything I can on websites that sell cloth diapers and most recently (because I just discovered them) following cloth diaper blogs.

On these sites they all have a common thread among the moms that use cloth diapers. Everyone is an addict!

Once you start buying and using cloth diapers, it is all you want to do. I can see that I have been hooked and am now one of the newest converts to the fluffy side of life.

There are so many choices: colors, textures, systems, brands. At first it is overwhelming, particularly because everyone has a different opinion on the best systems (Pockets, All in Ones, Prefolds, Flats, Hybrid ...) and on the best brands (Kissaluvs, Bum Genius, Bummis, G diapers, GroVia ...).

But to a cloth diaper addict, these choices just feed the obsession. You want to try everything. You want one in every color. You want to continuously add to your "stash". (Which in itself, is a very telling word.)

In my case, however, this is all intensified. I cannot try my diapers, I cannot see which one I like until my baby is born. In three more months! So if money were unlimited I would just keep buying and buying. But of course it's not and if I happen to win the lottery, I think my husband would have something to say if I spent it all on something to cover the baby's butt.

But what a cute butt that would be...

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