Monday, June 21, 2010

Cloth Diapering My Newborn.

I have bought all one-size diapers. One-size cloth diapers are diapers that are adjustable from around 8 pounds to 35 pounds. All my one-size use snaps to alter the length and width of the diaper.

The problem however is according to all the cloth diapering message boards, one-size diapers do not fit around the legs of newborn babies. Even if they are 8 lbs. There is not a tight enough fit and they may leak around the leg holes. Obviously, I do not want this to happen.

So I was planning on using disposables until my baby is big enough for my one-size dipes. But now, I am not so sure. I am really excited to start cloth diapering and unless I am in a lot of pain after delivery I would rather start right away.

So for the last couple weeks I have been researching the best and least expensive cloth diapers for newborns. Of course, there are as many choices for newborns as there are for babies in general. Hence, it has taken a couple weeks.

They make really cute pocket diapers and all-in-one diapers that I would love to have BUT they are just as expensive as the one-size that will fit the baby until he is potty-trained. So they are not really in the cards at the moment.

The least expensive and most recommended diapers I have found are Chinese prefold diapers with a newborn size cover. Prefolds are more along the lines of what our grandparents used to use except they have a thick absorbent pad in the center. You basically fold the flat diaper three times, lay the baby on it. Pull the flap up between the legs and fasten. You could fasten with pins (ouch!) or with a snappy. Then velcro the diaper cover on over. Covers are way cuter than the plastic pants used to be.

For this method you buy around 24 prefolds (around $1.60 a piece) and 2 to 4 covers ($12.00 each). Then you can diaper your newborn until 15 lbs approximately. Pocket diapers for newborns cost anywhere between $15 to $25 each. So prefolds and covers are definitely the most economical way. Most moms who cloth diaper say that this is actually one of their favorite ways to cloth diaper and it is not difficult at all.

So I have made my decision to use prefolds for my newborn.
Now I just have to take the plunge and buy some...

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