Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Baby Kicks.

Tonight, my baby has been kicking me off and on for hours. We had friends over tonight, they were drinking wine and we were playing board games and baby was dancing up a storm in my belly.

My friends could see my belly jumping and jiggling while I sat at the kitchen table. There is no trouble to tell that he is getting bigger and stronger. He used to only kick in my lower abdomen and now he is kicking at the top of my belly. It is a lot more noticeable there.

It is the strangest feeling in the world to feel your baby moving around, kicking and punching you. The first few times I really felt it, it was disconcerting. My body was moving and doing things that I did not give it permission to do. I could not control it or even know when something was going to happen.

I often wonder why he is so active some days and less so on others. I know a lot has to do with food and movement. While you are moving a lot, the baby is put to sleep by the motion. When you relax or in my case as soon as I put my feet up the baby wakes up and starts moving around. Food, especially sugar also has an effect. I guess the baby gets a sugar high and makes him hyper. The same as it does to all children.

But is it also just a personality thing? Does he just feel like being active some days and relaxing on others, like we all do? How much of his personality is formed already? Will it change?

There are just so many questions and so little answers at this point. But that is the joy of pregnancy. Wondering and daydreaming about your future child and the person he or she will become...

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